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<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Flare
Sullivan's Flare
Sullivan’s Flare is a hair amplifier that adds dimension and shine without adding weight to the hair, something we felt was lacking in our industry. We have perfected this formula to work on all hair types and in all temperatures. Sullivan’s Flare... Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Shock
Sullivan's Shock
back to life with Sullivan’s Shock. This mixture... that weighs the hair down. You can also use Sullivan’s... for an easier, smoother clip. Sullivan’s Shock is a ready... Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Prime Time Adhesive
Sullivan's Prime Time Adhesive
. • Sullivan's products are designed by showmen for showmen... for the professional cattle fitter. Sullivan's products... Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Tail Adhesive
Sullivan's Tail Adhesive
The strongest adhesive for hard to hold coarse, stubborn hair. Used to form tail bush and on leg air when a fuller, stouter look is required. Sullivan's products are designed by showmen for showmen. A complete range of grooming preparations... Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Hocus Pocus 17oz
Sullivan's Hocus Pocus 17oz
Used for the safe and effective removal of show-day products. Now with Sullivan's new Vita Hair that contains Biotin, Pro-Vitamin B-5, and Vitamin E. Hocus Pocus contains no harsh products that effect hair, coat or skin. Simply spray on, rub... Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Black Finisher
Sullivan's Black Finisher
Sullivan’s Black Finisher delivers the deepest, Most natural black appearance that we have ever seen. Its bright black colour and natural shine matches the natural black colour of body hair. Black Finisher gives you great coverage and build-up... Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Formula 1 Adhesive
Sullivan's Formula 1 Adhesive
clogging clipper blades. Remove with Sullivan's... Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Smart Sens. Curve
Sullivan's Smart Sens. Curve
Sullivan’s SENSATION CURVE, this NEW twist to our popular SMART SENSATION delivers even more stimulation to the skin and adds body to the hair coat, making it a hair growth must have... working process while the Sullivan’s NEW... Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Revive Conditioner
Sullivan's Revive Conditioner
Get your cattle show ready with Sullivan's Revive Skin & Hair Conditioner. Formulated with nourishing high-grade lanolin, olive oil and plant seed oils, this conditioner restores natural oil and nutrients to the skin and hair and revives dull, dry... Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Relax Hair Straightener
Sullivan's Relax Hair Straightener
Sullivan’s Relax is the perfect solution to help straighten curly, kinky and wavy hair. The ingredients found in Relax work in two different steps, the first penetrates the hair shaft softening and relaxing the follicle causing the hair... Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Hair Savior
Sullivan's Hair Savior
heat. Contains the Sullivan’s VITA HAIR... Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Smart Sensation Brush XL
Sullivan's Smart Sensation Brush XL
Sized for show cattle, the Sullivan's Smart Sensation XL Brush features 10 rows of 199 precisely placed ball-tipped teeth. This livestock brush amplifies the volume of your cow’s hair as it lifts it up from the hide without causing curls, kinks... Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Flex Brush
Sullivan's Flex Brush
Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Fungus Fighter qt
Sullivan's Fungus Fighter qt
Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Clear Choice Qt
Sullivan's Clear Choice Qt
Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Zoom Bloom Qt
Sullivan's Zoom Bloom Qt
Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Final Bloom
Sullivan's Final Bloom
Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Kleen Sheen Qt
Sullivan's Kleen Sheen Qt
Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Freshen Up
Sullivan's Freshen Up
Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Hair Stimulator 473ml
Sullivan's Hair Stimulator 473ml
Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Kleen Sheen 4L
Sullivan's Kleen Sheen 4L
Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Silk qt
Sullivan's Silk qt
Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Anti Fungus Shampoo
Sullivan's Anti Fungus Shampoo
Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Extend Clipper Lube
Sullivan's Extend Clipper Lube
Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
<span class='Highlight'>Sullivan's</span> Ultra Sheen Concentrate
Sullivan's Ultra Sheen Concentrate
Store, SHOW SUPPLIES, Sullivan's
Showing results 1 to 25 of 72
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