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Panomec Ivermectin Wormer 6.42g

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PANOMEC provides broad-spectrum efficacy against more worms and bots than any other single ingredient dewormer.

PANOMEC is registered to controls 62 species and stages of:

The comprehensive coverage of PANOMEC includes two stages of bots, as well as the third and fourth stage larvae, and adults, of roundworms. It also has the power to protect your horse against small and large strongyles.

Controlling parasites is an essential health care measure for your horse. Damage can take place when parasites do any of the following:

Attach to gastrointenstinal tissues in your horse and consume blood
Migrate through intestinal walls to nearby organs and vessels
Block passages in the digestive tract or arteries that supply blood to the gastrointenstinal tract
Almost all horses have parasites, and they shed the eggs and infective larvae in their manure. While they’re grazing, horses ingest these early stage parasites, and the cycle begins. That’s why regular parasite control is so important. Infections can play a major role in verminous colic, enteritis, respiratory tract disease, dermatitis, and poor growth and development. Inappropriate treatment or failure to treat can result in poor performance, impaired health, even death.