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Bimectin Oral Paste f/Horses

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Bimectin wormer (ivermectin)Bimectin kills adults and immature (4th) larval) small strongyles or cyathostomes unless overwise stated. Bimectin can be used with complete confidence in foals, mares, ponies and horses. Mares may be treated at any stage of pregnancy and the fertility of stallions that have been treated has not been affected.

Bimectin Horse Paste controls the following internal parasites:

Large strongyles: Strongylus vulgaris (bloodworm) - adults and arterial larval stages S. edentatus - adults and tissue larval stages S. equinus - adults Triodontophorus spp. - adults
Small strongyles: Numerous spp. - adults and effective against the immature (fourth larval) stages. Ivermectin is not effective against the encysted larval stages of small strongyles.
Pinworm: Oxyuris equi - adults and fourth larval stages Ascarid: Parascaris equorum - adults, third and fourth stage larvae.
Stomach worm: Habronema muscae - adults Fileriae: Onchocerca spp. - microfilariae
Bots: Gasterophilus intestinalis - oral and gastric stages G. nasalis - oral and gastric stages G. haemorrhoidalis - oral and gastric stages.

Always read the instructions before use.